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If you're visiting Glastonbury
, you'll find our various publications in the High Street & nearby shops: 'The Goddess and The Green Man' (which now manages our online retail Moon Calendar orders) 'Speaking Tree', 'Wild Wood', and
'Dicketts' the excellent bookshop/art shop/stationers where you can laugh at our funny Pagan and other Greetings Cards!


Gwydion's Moon Calendar - the new 2022 edition.

GWYDION'S MOON CALENDAR The new 2022 edition, (1st Jan '22 to 31st Dec. '22) available now.  Our famous A3 poster format Moon Calendar is published in two (overlapping) editions:   The Yule Editions: From 1st January to 31st December. Available from the preceding late Summer. The Midsummer Editions: From Midsummer (21st ... [more]


Gwydion's Moon Diary - includes unique, accurate explanations of natural spirituality and its Pagan traditions.

Our famous 'Gwydion's Moon Diary'   The 2022 edition   Gwydion's Moon Diary is unique - As well as the usual content for day-to-day reference, its readings about Natural Spirituality and Paganism provide an accurate introduction to its origins, development and concepts, explaining how our existence as part of ... [more]

   Greetings Cards

A unique range of (mostly) hilarious Greetings Cards!

Click on the cards to see them full size - Not currently available but I hope they make you laugh! If you're visiting Glastonbury, you can sometimes buy our cards individually from 'Dicketts' the excellent bookshop/art shop/stationers in the High Street. Just click on the cards to see them ... [more]

   Moon Planting Guide

Gwydion's Moon Planting Guide - The Definitive Moon Planting Manual. Organic and bio-dynamic compatible

Gwydion's Planting Guide - The Definitive Moon-Planting Manual  (Booklet format with a sturdy wipe-clean 'garden proof' cover! ) You can start Moon planting at any time of year, and plan for all years ahead with this little book. Recommended in BBC Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time factsheet shortly after publication. ... [more]

   Moon Planting Guide - annual supplement

For 'Gwydion's Planting Guide' - annual 'make it easy' Year Sheets

For 'Gwydion's Planting Guide' readers - Annual 'make it easy' Year Sheets! The Year Sheet for 2022 is available now. Many of our customers send for each year's Year Sheet. These provide the fill-in monthly timetable for Moon Planting throughout the year (as in the Guide) ... [more]

   Posters and Books

Grail Quest In The Vales Of Avalon by Chris Trwoga (Illustrated)

Grail Quest in the Vales of Avalon by Chris Trwoga (Illustrated) This is a treasurehouse for anyone interested in the Grail myths. The thoroughly researched and fascinating details about the legends are sufficient alone to recommend this book. The legends of King Arthur and the Quest for ... [more]

Meet Me In The Greenwood - Pagan Poster

Invocation & Earth Goddess Charge by Anita Ireland This powerful poetry evokes the connection between love, sex, and spirituality, from a deeply personal Pagan perspective. I had never considered publishing Pagan poetry or texts in poster format until I read this, an exquisite Wiccan Charge in poetic form. It ... [more]