Established in Glastonbury for 31 years, 1990-2021 c.e.

Click on the cards to see them full size -

Not currently available but I hope they make you laugh!

If you're visiting Glastonbury, you can sometimes buy our cards individually from 'Dicketts' the excellent bookshop/art shop/stationers in the High Street.


Just click on the cards to see them full size.
first created similar cards for friends,
then a few local Glastonbury shops wanted them... At first I resisted selling them online due to the cost & time with small print runs, and they need packing separately, but friends have finally convinced me that: "They're genuine Pagan humour and should be out there!"
In fact a famous local author, I discovered, bought the first few in local shops, and has them framed in his hallway. Since then, some have been spotted as decor in clipframes in several Glastonbury households!




PriestessSweatlodgeSecond ComingRockery


Pricing and other details: By pricing them at £1.85p each (that becomes just £1.11p each for 10 or more) and with a minimum order of (any) 5 cards, they're just about viable to sell here.
Envelopes are included - The cards are 7 inches by 5 inches, printed on shiny 210 g.s.m. card, and blank inside to write your own greetings/letter.  They're the right size for ordinary 1st or 2nd class letter stamps within the U.K.


InternetFestival FenceMona LisaTor Cat

Copyright Protection - You'll see I've placed a transparent Copyright Watermark on all the images here, it isn't on the actual cards, of course!

Fake OrgQuest Knights



By all means give the page link to friends who would appreciate the humour, and sincere Pagan folk have more personal integrity than to steal others' work.
To remind everyone else, legal sanctions apply - no copying!




Yule Card detailYule Card back 

Yule Card 


Lastly - a unique Yule Card suitable for everyone -
The Sun's still in bed and it's nearly the turning of the year!

"Wishing you a Wonderful Winter Solstice,
 a Merry Yule and Christmas,
 and a Happy New Year!"

With an extra feature on the back -
How to see the Ursids Shooting Stars at Yule
when they peak, on the 22nd December -
a card everyone'll love!
Click on the little pictures too, to see the details.




1. Please buy a minimum of 5 cards.
(If you buy more than 10, the price drops to £1.11p each, of course.)
If you accidentally order less than 5, it wouldn't be viable and I'll have to cancel/refund any lesser order for cards.

2. After purchasing, you'll have to let me know how many of each you'd like:

    (Just hover your mouse over each card, and you'll see its name.)

Send me a message to let me know, using the 'Contact' link above, like this:

From Cornelius Customer,
I am buying 5 cards from you, I would like:

2 x Rebirth
1 x Second Coming
1 x Fake it
1 x Quest Knights

Yours faithfully,
Cornelius Customer.

- Cornelius Customer will buy 5 using the Shopping Cart box below,
and his message will tell me which cards he'd like.

Just contact me if you need any further details or assistance, of course. - Julian.

For retail orders, PayPal or Bank Card payment only please -
the cheque option now only applies for wholesale quantities.

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