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Invocation & Earth Goddess Charge by Anita Ireland
This powerful poetry evokes the connection between love, sex, and spirituality, from a deeply personal Pagan perspective.

Meet Me In The Greenwood

I had never considered publishing Pagan poetry or texts in poster format until I read this, an exquisite Wiccan Charge in poetic form.

It comes straight from the heart, the words of Anita Ireland, a deeply aware Wiccan High Priestess speaking as the Goddess. It is written with a skill that evokes the essence of love, both as a lover and mother. There is no pretention here, a deceptively simple poem, but written with an extraordinary depth of understanding, and it expresses so much that lies at the heart of Wicca from a female perspective. It's very interesting watching non-Pagan friends reading it for the first time - you  can see how it touches and intrigues them.
I think you will understand why I suggested the author let me publish it for wider Wiccan use, and a beautiful poem for all Pagan folk.

Evocatively beautiful, the poem echoes the voice of the Threefold Goddess, either in ceremonial invocation, or as a preliminary to the Wiccan Great Rite. As poetry, it speaks as the Goddess within to the Pagan Soul, reaffirming that her love will always be there for you, whether manifest as Mother, Lover, or She whose love enfolds her children when time returns them to the Portals of the Summerlands.

Simply but attractively presented on light green card (appropriate for use 'in ceremony') in an A3 poster format. Clear to read in candlelit room or Circle.

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Meet Me In The Greenwood

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