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Grail Quest in the Vales of Avalon by Chris Trwoga (Illustrated)

Grail Quest In The Vales Of AvalonThis is a treasurehouse for anyone interested in the Grail myths. The thoroughly researched and fascinating details about the legends are sufficient alone to recommend this book. The legends of King Arthur and the Quest for the Holy Grail are rich with Pagan symbolism, though a tale of heroic Christian endeavours. Mythic symbols of rebirth, Oak and Holly King deities of the solar year, and the Goddess in many aspects lived on in the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and the great tapestry of associated myth.

To read, I found the way narrative and fact are presented captivating, very rich in details, which put you right in the world of 'Dark Age' Britain, and in the minds of later writers about King Arthur and the Grail Knights, such as Geoffrey of Monmouth, and how they added to the tales we know today. Some of the extracts from the earliest sources reveal extraordinary insights of the earlier Celtic culture which influenced the way the Grail myths developed, and the reference lists are a superb source for those interested in reading both modern translations of original texts, or finding the best books on particular facets covered.

Part of the book is structured to trace a Grail Quest imaginatively, either in the mind as the reader discovers the true underlying meaning and significance of the legendary tales of the Quest Knights, or actually use the little maps, readings and walks relating to the legends appropriate to the landscape in the exquisite countryside around Glastonbury.

Grail Quest Detail


These are so enchantingly described that one can visualise the experience of each quest even if a visit isn't possible, and the details from ancient texts, Druidism, and the symbolism behind the legends thrill the imagination. Best of all, you really will learn a great deal about the actual origins of the Grail myths with this very enjoyable read. Also, the whole book is quite beautifully illustrated throughout. A wonderful present for the Arthurian enthusiast.

(Paperback, 190 pages, publishers: Speaking Tree, Glastonbury. ISBN 0 9536745 1 7)




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Grail Quest In The Vales Of Avalon by Chris Trwoga

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