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Gwydion's Planting Guide Year Sheet


For 'Gwydion's Planting Guide' readers - Annual 'make it easy' Year Sheets!

The Year Sheet for 2021 is available now.


Many of our customers send for each year's Year Sheet. These provide the fill-in monthly timetable for Moon Planting throughout the year (as in the Guide) already completed.

Though you can use the Guide without this, for the further refined 'secondary technique' you need to know when the Moon enters zodiacal signs every 2 or 3 days; it provides all the year's times in the easiest possible way! It's available for each year from the preceding July for £1.50.

Year Sheets - if you'd like any further information, just go to the 'Contact' link (above) and it will send me your message.









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Planting Guide Year Sheets for 2021

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