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Gwydion's Planting Guide -
The Definitive Moon-Planting Manual

 (Booklet format with a sturdy wipe-clean 'garden proof' cover!)

Gwydion's Moon Planting GuideYou can start Moon planting at any time of year, and plan for all years ahead with this little book. Recommended in BBC Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time factsheet shortly after publication.

The Guide makes a fascinating and useful present for any organic gardener. It will show you how to plan sowing and planting times during each lunar cycle, making use of the extra light and more subtle effects for vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit, trees, arable crops and all other plants.

It describes the genuine original traditional method, by far the most tried and tested system, entirely compatible with all organic and bio-dynamic regimes in place of the less effective 'new age' methods sometimes employed. The Guide explains how the lunar cycle affects germinating and growing plants, so you will understand why the traditional method has been valued across many cultures by generations of gardeners and farmers.

Monthly fill-in boxes to enter times of the Moon's phases and so on, with step-by-step directions, are used to plan optimal planting/sowing times for all types of plants.

(Annual Year Sheets to make it easy, providing each year's Moon Planting times - reproducing the monthly fill-in boxes from the 'Guide' with the times & dates already completed - are also available from the "Online Shop".)

Gwydion's Moon Planting Guide 


The Guide even explains how to estimate the Moon's phase whenever the Moon is visible, so you can use exactly the same method as those ancient peoples to plan the most effective 'primary' technique for Moon sowing & planting - and you'll learn the age-old skill of estimating 'by sight' the next full or new Moon period! The Guide also has half-monthly sowing listings of virtually every vegetable grown in Britain throughout the year, outdoors and under glass, so you can plan your seed buying.



The Guide includes notes on organic pest control, companion & incompatible plants, crop rotation and other details. You'll learn a genuine ancient skill with a scientific basis, sowing & planting to benefit from nature's cycles. It's an absolute bargain for a lifetime's gardening by the Moon.

Gwydion's Moon Planting Guide



A5 format (closed) written & published by J. R. Gower. ISBN 0 9523424 0 5









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