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Our famous 'Gwydion's Moon Diary' 
 The 2022 edition

Gwydion's Moon Diary is unique - As well as the usual content for day-to-day reference, its readings about Natural Spirituality and Paganism provide an accurate introduction to its origins, development and concepts, explaining how our existence as part of living nature is the foundation of meaningful spirituality, and how it differs from the inherently quarrelsome 'beliefs-based' monotheist religions...  the pictures expand fully so you can read the texts and details shown.


Gwydion's Moon Diary 2022   
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I hope you enjoy the new readings throughout the Diary, a new feature to give all readers an informed, accurate understanding of natural spirituality, its origins, development, and the concepts and ideas around which our Pagan traditions developed. - Julian.
"This is so much more than just a diary. This is educational, factual and amazing."
- Recent feedback from an eBay buyer.

Inside Cover & Contents page

Our Moon Diary is an essential annual reference, and has introduced many to a deeper understanding of natural spirituality and the concepts behind the quaint and beautiful myths, deities and ceremonies.

As a Diary it's very practical for brief daily notes - see the pictures - and very popular amongst the Wicca, Druid and wider Pagan scene here in Glastonbury, as you can see at a glance both the Moon's Phase and which Zodiac Sign the Moon is in, along with the planetary and other useful details described below. For witches, it states the 'true' night on which to hold the Esbat ceremonies in Britain, according to whether the moment of Full Moon is above or below the horizon, as custom requires for hereditary and traditional Witchcraft. 


As a reference, it gives times & dates for Moon phases & Signs, Sun Signs, planetary / Zodiac entry times, eclipses, Sunrise / set, lots of interesting Pagan details such as an outline guide of the symbolic Sun God and Earth Goddess cycles and their myths, Sabbat & Esbat dates, an outline guide to seasonal and Sabbat ceremonies and so on.

A selection of monthly pages


All times are given in Universal Time (GMT) as used throughout Britain, and a simple key helps the newly interested understand it all.




 A full A4 spread for each month enables daily notes, with essential Pagan information & other fascinating snippets, U.K. public holidays, traditional Moon Planting/sowing times, nature & countryside notes, annual night sky sights, meteor showers and so on, and the end section includes other items and readings.


More monthly page detailsLast page, Words from the Path essay, etc.These go deeper than just the 'content' of our Pagan traditions, and explain the underlying principles of Pagan spirituality. They describe our concept of supernality, what exactly the Goddesses and Gods, the deities of Paganism, actually represent, the meaning of pantheism and so on. The annual 'Words from the Path' essays in the back pages look at various such topics in depth, so readers can see these ideas in the wider context of natural spirituality and our resurgent Pagan traditions in modern Britain and a scientifically aware world.







You can read several 'Words from the Path' essays from previous diaries on the 'News' page of this website, which are intended to provide an accurate introduction for all our new readers who wish to know more about Pagan spirituality - just click on the 'News' link at the top of this page - I hope you find them interesting.


The Back Cover



A5 booklet format
(closed) with 32 pages within an attractive cream card cover. It's also a unique present for birthdays, Yule (& Christmas!) 


I hope you enjoy the updated and new readings throughout, and trust the Diary as a whole proves especially useful if you want to provide friends with an accurate, broad-ranging introduction to our Pagan spiritual heritage, its orgins, development through history, and its relevance and rationale as a spiritual form appropriate for humanity today.
- Julian

 A complete image of the back cover is provided on the 'Free Downloads' page  as a .pdf file at actual size (A5) so you can read it more easily, email it to interested friends, or print it out - or to show to organisations, shops and so on.

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