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How To Buy Online

UK Orders Only

Please note that we are currently only accepting orders from the UK.  We cannot accept orders from outside the UK as the low prices of our publications make this financially unviable.

Payment Methods

For retail orders (one to nine of any item) or wholesale quantities, you can pay instantly & securely by using PayPal.  (You don't need a PayPal account to pay, though if you have one you can use it, or opt to pay by bank card.)

Alternatively, for Wholesale Quantities only (10 or more of any item) you can also make payment by posting us a cheque. (The time/expense of paying in cheques for retail quantities is no longer viable, Paypal or bank card payment only, please.)

Please note we can only accept cheques that are drawn on a UK-based British bank account.

To use either of these payment methods, wherever you see an item that you'd like to purchase:

Enter the quantity required, and click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button. You'll be taken to your shopping cart page, where you can review your purchase, and update postage ("shipping") charges by selecting your location and clicking the 'Recalculate' button.  You can then make your payment straightaway, or alternatively you can continue browsing the website, by clicking the 'Continue Shopping' button.

If you click the 'Continue Shopping' button in the shopping cart page, you'll be taken back to the page you were viewing. Wherever you are in the website, you can always return to your shopping cart page at any time, to review your purchase or to make your payment, by clicking the 'Your Shopping Cart' link at the top of the page (or by clicking the 'Your Shopping Cart' link in the shopping cart display boxes).

Postage & Packaging ("Shipping") Charges

A flat-rate postage & packing charge (called a "shipping" charge in the shopping cart page) applies for each order, regardless of the number of items bought. This flat-rate charge is currently:


This "shipping" charge per order is included and updated in your shopping cart page.

Despatch & Delivery

Upon confirmation from PayPal or cheque clearance, your goods will normally be despatched within 4 working days. Just occasionally, a late print run or similar unforseen circumstances can delay delivery. We will inform you in case of significant delay. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any problems.

In case your package hasn't arrived after a reasonable time,
please go to the 'News' page (link above) and scroll down to: "Order not arrived? Follow these steps" to give us the details.

Wholesale prices apply when you buy 10 or more of any item.
This discount is automatically calculated in your shopping cart - at least 40% discount, you'll see the wholesale price alongside each item's shopping cart fill-in box.